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How to Start an Aquascape the Right Way

From the Atlantis Aquatics Team

Starting an aquascape is not a tedious or complex task at all. Rather than looking at the setup as a single step, it is better that the process is divided into smaller steps. Remember that setting up an aquascape is a continuous effort that requires attention, persistence and last but not the least, creativity.  

The 4 Ways to Feed Your Fish When You're On-The-Go!

From Budget Options to Professional Automatic Fish Feeders. 

How to Setup and Maintain a Healthy Shrimp Tank

By Paulina Ngo

Beginner set-up instructions as well as advanced tips for the experienced shrimp keepers out there.

Utilizing TDS Readings to Improve Water Quality

TDS Basics

A TDS meter can measure all of the organic and inorganic material in molecular form in your water. This includes GH, KH, nitrate, nitrite, chlorine…